12 Step Programs for Addiction in Philadelphia

12 Step Recovery Programs for Addiction Treatment in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, PA.

The 12-step program for addiction recovery is probably one of the most commonly used methods not only in Philadelphia, but throughout the world. Around 74% of clinics out there will use it to some degree.

History of the Program

The 12-step program was initially conceived back in 1938 at Alcoholics Anonymous. The program was initially produced for those who were unable to attend Alcoholics Anonymous meetings. However, the treatment plan was so successful, it was started to be utilized in the actual meetings. After that, more addiction treatment centers started to notice it. Thus, the popularity ended up growing.

What Happens During The 12-Step Program?

The treatment is based around helping one another. It is designed to show that nobody out there is going to be able to manage their addiction on their own. They are going to need to have the support of their peers. It is a system of checks and balances where you will always be looking out for one another.

Studies have indicated that the 12-step program leads to something known as ‘flourishing’. This is where somebody ends up with positive mental health. This results in quicker recover. It also ensures that they are able to remain abstinent from the drug. This means that the treatment is also great for those who are looking to overcome a mental illness at the same time, although, of course, it is vital that they also seek treatment for that separately, because it is impossible to beat an addiction if one of the underlying causes of the addiction is mental health. If you treat the addiction without having an impact on mental health, then the situation will become far worse.

What Are The 12-Steps?

The 12-steps are going to vary from addiction clinic to addiction clinic. In this section, we are going to detail what the 12-steps are as highlighted by Alcoholics Anonymous:

  • You admit that you have no power over your addiction. It consumes you and you can’t beat it on your own.
  • You have belief that a higher power can assistance you. This does not need to be God. Some programs may skip out on this step.
  • You give control to that higher power.
  • You start to take a personal inventory i.e. look at who you are as a person.
  • Admit to the higher power that you have done wrong in your life.
  • Allow that higher power to start to correct you.
  • Allow that higher power to remove the issues in your life i.e. where you feel as if you have failed as a person.
  • Make a list of the wrongs that you have had in your life and be ready to make amends for these wrongs.
  • Contact the people you have hurt unless by contacting them you will make them feel worse.
  • Continue to admit where you are going wrong with your life.
  • Seek enlightenment in your life and remain in touch with that higher power.
  • Share the message with other people.

Can You Just Follow The 12-Steps Without Seeking Treatment?

Nope. This whole model is built upon the idea of helping other people overcome their addictions. For this model to work, you are going to need other people to learn on in order to ensure that you get through the treatment as effortlessly as possible. In addition to this, you can’t just jump into the treatment without going through the detoxification process. This is where you will eliminate the last remnant of drugs from your body. It is going to be tough to get through the detoxification process on your own as the symptoms are going to be very severe. In fact, in some cases, those symptoms can be deadly. This is why it is so important that you work with a rehabilitation clinic. They will provide you with all

It is worth noting that while the 12-step program has a high degree of success, it is going to require effort on your part. There is no way you will be able to overcome an addiction without willpower. You have, however, indicated that you have at least some of what it takes to overcome your addiction by reading this page. You have demonstrated that you have probably met the first step of the program. This means that you only have 11 more steps to go, and you will be able to knock out those rather quickly. Reading this page demonstrates that you will be able to overcome your addiction.

Get in touch with a clinic today and get started on one of the main 12 step programs for addiction recovery. You owe it to yourself to make this positive change in your life.