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Our Primary goal at Drug Free Philadelphia is to ensure that every individual affected by chronic alcoholism or drug addiction is provided with all necessary information, guidance, and facilities to make their addiction recovery a reality. Our highly experienced and skilled staff makes sure that you get the best recovery plan possible.

Whether you’re seeking rehab for your own addiction, or you’re a referring professional, or you’re concerned for your loved one, we’re here to provide you with our qualified guidance on all the information, tools, and facilities to eradicate the menace of addiction from its roots.

We encourage individuals, family and community members to take active role in the rehabilitation. We don’t just aim for recovering individuals from addiction; our goal is to empower whole communities with the concept of health and prosperity in bodies, spirits, and lives.

Rehabilitation is a tough, long battle. Our extensive experience and home-like support makes it easier for affected individuals to turn this dream into reality.

Essential Drug Rehab Approaches

Dealing with drug addiction is not as simple as just giving up drugs. It is a long process. Following are some of the considerations often taken for effective alcohol or drug rehabilitation.

  • The detox process. This is often the hardest part of all. It is the part where you are taking drugs away from your body. When you have been taking drugs for a while, your body starts to crave them. When it does not get them, it causes a multitude of problems. These problems will be dependent on the drug that you are addicted to. It will also be dependent on the severity of your addiction. This is the most important part of the process as it is very tough to deal with drug addiction if your body still has drugs inside of it. It is important that you are monitored by a medical expert throughout the detox process. They will ensure that everything goes by as smoothly as possible. They will also be able to monitor your vital signs to ensure that none of your symptoms are deadly.
  • The next step aims to give you techniques to cope with your drug addiction. These techniques will be focused on managing your cravings. When you leave the rehab facility, you will be putting these techniques to practical use. This ensures that you will keep drugs away from you, minimizing the chance that you will be dealing with your addiction again.
  • Another important step is to look at the psychological reasons behind your drug addiction. Past events in your life which may have led to where you are now, are also taken into consideration. By tackling the psychological reasons behind your addiction, it becomes a whole lot easier to deal with the addiction.

We serve both male and female adults seeking help for alcoholism, drug abuse, or other addiction problems with alcohol and drug rehabilitation facilities. We also offer industry-compliant, compassionate, and empathetic inpatient and outpatient care.

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