Dual Diagnosis in Philadelphia

Dual Diagnosis in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Recovery from any type of drug addiction is not going to be an easy process. However, there are some people out there who may find it more difficult than others. This is because they have what is known as a ‘dual diagnosis’. This means that a standard drug addiction treatment plan is not going to work for them. If they are just treated for the drug addiction, they will end up turning back to drugs. This means that all the hard work that they put in will have gone to waste.

What Is A Dual Diagnosis?

A dual diagnosis is where you will be diagnosed with a mental health condition alongside your drug addiction. This is something which is a bit more complicated to deal with than your standard drug addiction because, unless you cure what is the root cause of your addiction, you won’t ever get over the drugs.

Most people who have a drug addiction will be diagnosed as having a dual diagnosis in Philadelphia.

What Is The Treatment For A Dual Diagnosis?

As with most drug addictions, the treatment will begin with a detoxification period. How long this is and the methods that are used will be highly dependent on the drugs that you are taking, as well as the severity. It is always important that you undergo the detoxification process in a ‘safe’ environment i.e. on an inpatient basis, particularly if your addiction is very serious. This is because detoxification can be dangerous. It will also have side effects which will have you reaching for drugs again. You really do not want to undo all that hard work, right? In addition to this, some drugs are easier to detox yourself from if you take medication at the same time. For example; if you are dealing with an opiate addiction, then the whole process of overcoming it will be far easier if you are prescribed methadone at the same time.

Mental Health Treatment

Once the initial detoxification process has been completed, the doctors will be able to get to work on the next stage. This is helping you to overcome the mental health issues that you are dealing with. This is a complicated process. With normal drug addictions, the therapist will be offering advice on how you can avoid drugs in the future. They will briefly touch upon reasons as to why you may be addicted to drugs, but they will never go into that much depth as it is not necessary. With a dual diagnosis, not only are they going to need to help you to overcome your addiction by providing you with advice on how to avoid drugs, but they will also need to offer help on overcoming your mental health issues.

Treatment will work very much in the same way as how you work with a psychologist. They will get to the root of your mental health issues. If there is a medication that you can be prescribed for dealing with those issues, then there is a chance that it will be prescribed. However, at this stage it is probably worth noting that you will not always be prescribed medication. After all, you are looking to overcome an addiction. You do not want to become addicted to new medication, particularly if they are anti-depressants!

It is important to note that it is going to be very difficult to deal with a dual diagnosis on your own. In fact, it is going to be impossible. It is, therefore, important that you find a clinic which offers treatment for dual diagnosis in Philadelphia. This is the only way in which you are going to be able to overcome both the drug addiction, as well as deal with the underlying causes of that addiction.

Start Taking Action

It can be very difficult to get through a dual diagnosis in Philadelphia. In fact, it is going to require double the amount of work in comparison to a normal drug addiction. However, with the right amount of effort, and a lot of willpower, you will be able to get through it. We promise you.

Please get in touch with a clinic for dual diagnosis in Philadelphia today. Only then will you be able to put yourself on the path towards recovery.