Relapse Prevention in Philadelphia

Contrary to popular belief, relapsing on a drug is not going to be a single event. Instead, there will be a long process which leads to the actual relapse. Here, we are going to detail the process.

During treatment for drug abuse

When you initially undergo treatment for drug abuse, you will be given techniques by your therapist for helping you to deal with relapses in the future. Basically, these techniques will be used to keep you away from the drugs, even when you really want them.

The problem with a drug addiction is that you are never really going to be cured. You just become better at avoiding situations where the drug may be present. It is not uncommon for people to become addicted to drugs years and years after they last took them, simply because they are unable to avoid situations where the drug may be present. You may still have the craving for a drug (this will become lesser overtime), but as long as you do not put yourself in the way of this drug, it is unlikely that you will relapse. That being said, things may be more difficult for some people.

Emotional Relapse

Most people will not progress past this stage as they will start to utilize the techniques given to them by their therapist. During an emotional relapse, you will be setting yourself up for the possibility that you will be abusing the drug in the future. Basically, your thoughts are going to be consumed by the idea of taking that drug again. Signs of an emotional relapse include:

  • Relapse prevention Philadelphia, PennsylvaniaAnxiety
  • Anger
  • Defensiveness, particularly when somebody confronts you about drug usage.
  • You may begin to isolate yourself from people. Perhaps as a way to avoid coming into contact with the drug.
  • You may develop poor eating habits. Some people may not eat at all, while others end up binge eating.
  • Poor sleeping habits
  • If you are currently going through treatment for addiction, then you may not turn up to scheduled meetings.
  • A refusal to seek help for your relapse symptoms.

The longer you allow the emotional relapse to go on, the more difficult it can be to deal with the situation.

Mental Relapse

When you have progressed past the emotional stage, you will enter the mental relapse. This is where you will start to fantasize about the feeling that you had when you were abusing the drug. You may also start to put yourself into positions where the drug may be easy to get. For example, you may start to hang out with old friends that used to supply the drug to you.

Physical relapse

The last stage is where you end up taking the drug.

Starting Relapse Prevention in Philadelphia

It is important that you seek help as soon as possible if you feel as if you are going to end up abusing a drug again. The therapist will be able to provide you with coping techniques that will help you to get through things. For example, they will use a technique known as cognitive behavioral therapy which helps to shape your behavior. It is vital that you never get to the ‘physical’ stage, as you will need to go through the whole rehabilitation process again.

Every ex-drug abuser is going to be dealing with the signs and symptoms of relapse at least once in their life, although it is likely to occur far more often than that. Since you are reading this, you have already taken one of the key steps towards relapse prevent in Philadelphia. You have indicated that you want help. This means that you will be able to get through this. You just need to get the help. Get this as soon as you can, because the longer you go through the ‘relapse’ process, the more difficult it can be to ask for the help that you need.

If you feel as though you are bordering upon a relapse, then it is important that you seek help now. If you do end up relapsing, then you will be undoing weeks, months, if not years of hard work. There are plenty of relapse prevention clinics in Philadelphia. Get in touch with one today. You owe it to yourself.